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While we don’t plan on making any versions of TS for Source, there are a number of projects we would like to recommend that are similar and may satiate your thirst for the same genre.

Distraction is a stylish Source mod with stunts, lots of weapons, melee combat, and mixed akimbos, just to name a few things.

Project Jiva is a similar project driven by the omnipresent TS roleplay community. This game focuses on scriptable and moddable gameplay with Lua.

We fully support games that wants to actively develop action-style games on the Source Engine. Despite not having time to work on the projects, many TS developers are anxious to see this sort of project come to light. After all, we may be the most popular action game on the internet, but we were not the first and we certainly don’t have a monopoly. However, many projects have attempted to do this using the name “TS: Source” or similar names. We don’t have any affiliation with these renegade groups and we don’t support their projects so long as they are stealing our name, and we hope you won’t support them either.

In any case stick around, as we’re just gearing up to a release of the highly-anticipated high-definition model-pack extraordinare, and we’ll also keep you posted on progress of other action mods in development.

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