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No terrible pun, no vast news post. Just the release of TS3. We got a great response from the community when we asked for some mirrors, so a huge thank you to everyone who has donated space and bandwidth. Forum names are listed alongside mirror URL.

You can find all the downloads in our download page.


We’ll keep the downloads section of the website up to date for you and probably add some more media, including videos. After that, well, expect to hear a little more me and hopefully a word or two from Morfeo and Vino as well.

Finally, the dev team would like to say a big thank you to the loyal supporters of the mod who have waited patiently and indeed, not so patiently over the past few years of development.

Edit : 8 hours since release and it would seem we’re on the front page of Digg, huzzah!

I’ve also added a few more mirrors. We’re getting good feedback about the torrent as well, so thanks to all the people seeding.

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