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All of the pictures that have previously appeared in the news posts have now been added to the screen shots page in the media section, plus a few random ones that haven’t been shown yet. A few other website things have been fixed, including an updated downloads page with all of the broken links removed, and a link to TS version 2.1 on our web space for easy downloading. So if you haven’t played 2.1 yet, you have no excuse now. PHP on the main page has been cleaned up as well. If you want to host a download for 2.2 and have reliable web space, feel free to contact a mod, we would love to steal your bandwidth.
In other news, beta version 2.1.20 has been handed to the testers, and initial reports seem favorable. Notably the particle system that used to cause frame rate drops on certain systems seems to be ironed out. That’s all for now.

EDIT: Sorry, our 2.1 download will not be hosted off of our web site for bandwidth reasons.

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