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It’s been a long time coming and at times it looked like we’d never see this day, but we are finally here. TS3 is done and will be released this weekend.

We’re currently sorting out mirrors for the final installer and putting together some media before we release it to the masses this weekend. Final date and time have yet to be set and are subject to the availability of certain people, prevailing winds, the rising moon in Venus and various other factors.

It looks good, the final RC push lasted a little longer than expected while some kinks were smoothed out and gameplay tweaks were discussed, adjusted and discussed again. I say discussed. It was more of a very lengthy argument punctuated with new releases and more arguments. Still, the miraculous seems to have occurred and most people seem pretty happy with the version thats been declared final.

If you can offer us a nice stable mirror for the final installer with plenty of bandwidth then register on the forums and drop me a PM. We’d like to get as many mirrors as possible to ensure everyone can grab the file quickly and we’ll also be offering a torrent that will (hopefully) have plenty of seeders from the minute the release announcement goes out.

p.s apologies for the newspost title, I couldn’t resist.

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