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Well, here we are again, a little later than I’d originally planned, but as with all the best laid plans, real-life has reared it’s ugly head and kicked my arse. Anyway, enough about that, on to business. Todays update is mainly focused on providing you with some background info about how we do things and where we’re at with regards to releasing version 2.2 and answering a few of the more common queries we receive on the forums and in our mailbox.

Currently we’re in the beta testing phase, this is where the smallish team of TS vets put the game through it’s paces, reviewing the more major gameplay changes and testing the maps. We hope to be moving to the RC (Release Candidate) testing phase soon. This is where a larger group of people test the game to ensure that weapon balance is spot on, that all the maps are perfect and that all those minor niggling bugs have been eradicated. They will also be testing out our the installer.

Now, before you get all excited and e-mail us asking to be part of either of these groups I should tell that we only ever have a set number of beta testers and all those slots are filled and that we have also already drawn up a list of trusted forumites for the RC testing phase. As Chesh mentioned the other day, a large part of the testing will be conducted on the server that e-frag have so kindly provided us (hence the banner ad), so a big thanks to them. Once 2.2 goes live this server will become the official TS Team 2.2 server, so doubtless you’ll seeing some of us on there. In addition to the e-frag server, which is UK based, we also have a US test server that runs linux and this has kindly been provided to us by Dr_B who also hosts a fair few 2.1 servers. Finally, I’d like to mention, they are very kindly hosting both our site and our forums, so a big Thanks goes out to them.

The next update is going to focus primarily on the mapping side of things. We’ve got some really, really cool stuff in 2.2 for mappers and for everyone else some updates to existing maps and one or two suprises. An update wouldn’t be complete without a few screens and I’ve duly included a some shots that our beta testers have grabbed. Enjoy.

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