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As you have no doubt noticed, we’ve gone and gotten ourselves a new website. As well as being a good deal more pretty than the previous one, it’s a lot more functional too. One of the problems with the old site was the difficulty we had with posting news updates. With the sleek and sexy new site you before you, all news posting is done via our forums, which is faster and easier for everyone involved.

So, what, you ask, has happened in the year or so since the last update? Well, we’ve been busy, very busy, 2.2 is coming along very nicely indeed, more on that next time, for now, I’ll concentrate on answering the one question we get asked the most often.

Will there be a version of TS on the Source engine?
In short, No.
The slightly longer version is this :
All the members of the TS team are very, very busy, meaning that, purely from a temporal perspective, TS : S is simply not feasible. There’s more too it than that, indeed, there’s a lengthy thread on our forums discussing the whole issue in great detail. You’ll also have noticed that we’ve got an FAQ section, this should help answer some of the other common queries that most people have and will provide a brief overview of the mod for those of you unfamiliar with it.

Finally, you’ll notice that this isn’t JM or Morfeo posting the news, for the moment you’re stuck with me and from time to time other members of the TS team. Rest assured, another update will be coming soon and over the coming weeks we’ll be filling you all in on what’s coming for 2.2. Well, not all it, we do rather like to keep something back to surprise people with. If you really can’t wait, then there’s plenty of info floating around the forums.

Until next time..

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