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As promised, some more media. First up, a shot of newly redecorated Hammertime.

Again, it’s new and rather more attractive hammertime. This time castor is delivering a rather painful kick that appears to have gotten the better of hitman. You can tell that due to the absurd amounts of blood spewing forth from his head.

Now to that old favourite GPC, where, despite aiming at a pipe, one of our RC testers has managed to kill someone with a shotgun. Good for him.

Antro next, for a spot of Skorpion rage. You can’t see the HUD, but this fellow is using free full and is spitting bullets from both guns at once. Resulting in more fountains of blood. Marvellous.

To NeoBaroque next, another map that’s had a facelift. Though I have to confess that at no point in my experience with re-decoration and DIY have I ever felt the need to add a thunderstorm to my house. Judging from the amount of blood on the floor and the glass everywhere I would guess that whoever took this was enduring a hail of gunfire and died shortly after pressing F12.

NeoBaroque again. One of our RC testers apparently hates windows, as you can see from the glass cascading down upon him. He said that unless I posted this screen, he was going to come round and break my windows. Frankly, living as I do in rented accommodation, I just didn’t want to run the risk.

There is a buzz of activity here at present. RC testers are flooding servers in large numbers and map and code updates are flying out with previously unseen rapidity. The finish line is in sight and everyone seems to be giving their all. Most gratifying. Many thanks to the testers for the above screenies as well. Cheers guys,

Hopefully we’ll be able to give you guys some gameplay vids or similar prior to release, but at present most people are rather pre-occupied with the important business of leaping off of high ledges and shooting other people in the face. Which is, of course, what TS is all about.

I’ll be back soonish with more news, so keep ’em peeled. That is assuming of course that I manage to retain any lucidity whatsoever and that I am not unceremoniously removed from news posting duties to the rambling nature of the gibberish thats appears alongside the images posted here.

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